PlantCeuticals Corporate Design

Branding Design  +   Packaging Design  +   Content Creation

PlantCeuticals is an innovative new company, specialising in skincare and CBD oils. It was essential that the quality of this product was carried out through its branding.

Our goal was to create a modern aesthetic with a premium feel to it. This was reinforced by the bespoke approach to the design of the labels.

  • PlantCeuticals
  • Health
  • Design, Art Direction, Social Media
  • July 18th, 2019
Elegance is what we set out to achieve through the branding of all of the elements for PlanCeuticals. The look and feel were informed by a Corporate Identity (CI) and then Logo Design. Sophistication drips from this product.

PlantCeuticals is focused on providing natural alternatives to existing skincare products. Educating the audience about the benefits of holistic options is part of the brand’s mission.

CBD is currently in the spotlight and PlantCeuticals is set to be at the forefront of providing tested goods and informing of how to best integrate them into your everyday routine.