MY DNA CHOICES Corporate Design

Branding Design  +   Packaging Design  +   Content Creation  +  Newsletter

MY DNA CHOICES asked us to develop a look for their new brand. To set the stage for the initial phase of brand development we designed a logo, product packaging and brand identity.

A clean blue medical look was applied to the brand. Establsihing it as a health based product at first glance. The logo talks volumes about the offering of the company, displaying a DNA molecule as its defining icon.

  • Biochemistry / Functional Medicine
  • DNA Testing
  • January 24th, 2019
A sleek look was created by a journey of calculated product design, social media design, newsletter design, icon design, editorial design, and motion graphics.

MDC required a corporate design based on generating awareness based on their offerings which include DNA tests, wellness coaching and various health-related products.

In addition to our creative role, we also assist with newsletter campaign management and social media design.

A brand development project based on generating design with users of the product in mind. Every user on MY DNA CHOICES has a unique identity and can individualise their own products based on these adventures with the brand's products. The creative supports the objectives of the website, blog and social media channels.