Lead Republik Corporate Design and Website

Branding Design  +   Website

Lead Republik’s look is modern with a digital aspect to its presence. We were tasked with creating an identity for the brand. First, we designed the logo, then stationary and finally the website.

The logo was the defining element that created the direction for the look and feel of the brand, wrapped in blue tones, it inspires trust and sophistication.

  • Lead Republik
  • iGaming Affiliate Network
  • Design, Website
  • June 5th, 2018
  • www.leadrepublik.com
Sophisticated brand identity creation focusing on logo design, web design, development, stationery and motion design.

When designing the website we captured the essence of Lead Republik by utilising clean colours and imagery.

It was important to ensure that the website looked great but also performed well technically. A “mobile-first” approach was taken when developing the site to ensure that the experience is optimised for all platforms.