Erik Kruger Corporate Design

Branding Design  +   Presentations  +  Video Animation

Erik Kruger is a gentleman, and this is displayed through his work. It was our task to communicate this essence by incorporating his style through the design of the brand.

He provides coaching that inspires performance and builds leadership qualities. We have assisted him with presentations which illustrate his points and add to the impact of his delivery.

  • Erik Kruger
  • Speaker / CEO Coach
  • Design, Presentations, Video Animation
  • November 7th, 2018
Brand development including Presentations, Logo Design, Promotional Material and Video Animation.

The Erik Kruger brand was redefined with a different creative interpretation. We believe that it is important to understand the values associated with a brand in order to fully communicate their message. In Erik’s case, this was truer than ever. All of the creative that we have produced for Erik has been based on insights from our onboarding.

Quality is priority.
Textures and a usage of a rich colour palette were combined to create a look that is both progressive and timeless.
A corporate design based on the idea of generating design with user needs as a priority. Every touch point of the brand has it's own defining elements but they are all connect with a defining golden thread.