Barefeet Corporate Design and Website

Branding  +   Brochure Design  +   Social Media  +  Website

Barefeet captures beautiful moments. We created the brand’s image around their core values. Their passion for videography and capturing the moment of connection during a marriage is displayed through every element of their branding.

The website showcases Barefeet’s extensive portfolio and tells the story of what the company stands for. Various technologies have also been integrated into the site to automate communications and provide service related information.

  • Barefeet Videography
  • Videography / Photography
  • Design, Social, Website
  • June 7th, 2018
Brand development focusing on corporate identity, social media, motion graphics, icon design, document design and web design.

Both digital and print elements have been created to carry Barefeet’s style across all of the various touch-points of their brand.