Atura Video Animation and Presentations

Presentation Design  +   Video Animation

We are always excited at the opportunity to work with clients who are pioneering in their industries. Atura/NML is a perfect example of this. They specialise in providing automated support to financial industries, incorporating Artificial Intelligence in a unique and groundbreaking way.

Our work with Atura has included brand development. With special attention to presentations, motion graphics and brand assets.

  • Atura
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Design, Video Animation
  • May 12th, 2019
Hi-def diagrams, charts and animations were created to communicate the logic driving the product.

Our design has been inspired by the futuristic appeal that AI brings as a creative direction. It was the objective to produce brand designs that communicate the use case for the technology in real-world scenarios. This was paired with a high end aesthetic to communicate the quality associated with the brand.

For us it is essential to fully research the needs of our clients.
Brand development focusing on presentation, brochure and motion design.